• Within all areas of the Hotel, guests and staff are required to wear masks
• Placement of hand disinfection stations with sanitizer at the entrance of the Hotel, on all bedroom floors, in meeting rooms, in restaurants and in the bar
• Existence of information in public spaces to warn of the need to respect social distance, rules of respiratory etiquette and disinfection of hands
• Definition and signaling of customer circuits in public areas to avoid intersections and agglomerations


• Installation of UV lamps in the customer’s and employee’s elevators, for better and permanent hygiene of this equipment
• Placement of an Ozonator kit in the customers and employee’s elevators to purify the air in these spaces
• Acquisition of an ozone production machine to clean rooms or spaces that need special treatment
• Installation of a kiosk in the lobby for self-check-in and check-out


• Placing disinfection mats at the main entrance of the Hotel for customers
• Installation of acrylic dividers on the reception desk and bar, to protect customers and employees
• Possibility of measuring body temperature of the guests upon check-in
• Disinfection of all pens used by guests during the check-in or check-out process
• Guests’ personal documents are only handled by the guests themselves


• Existence of an isolation zone for suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, with natural ventilation, washable coverings, bathroom, stock of cleaning materials, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, hands free waste bin, waste bags, used garment collection bags, a supply of water and non-perishable food.


• The Hotel team had varied training sessions regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, through several specialized companies such as Ecolab, or the company responsible for the Hotel HACCP, HP Consultores or through internal training sessions.


• Redefinition and reinforcement of internal cleaning protocols, in accordance with DGS guidelines, with certified products to combat Covid-19, in all areas of customers and employees, namely in the areas of multi-contact
• Redefinition of the protocol for treatment, washing and cleaning of clothes and towels in accordance with DGS rules


• All non-essential handling materials (directories, letters, books and magazines…) were removed
• Availability of information previously existing in the room – hotel directory, room service letter, laundry, contingency plan – through a QR CODE
• Adoption and reinforcement of new cleaning protocols for rooms, clothes and towels, in accordance with DGS guidelines
• After cleaning and disinfecting, the room is sealed, ensuring its hygiene until a new customer enters.


• Reduction in the number of seats, restricting the use of part of the existing tables, to guarantee the necessary social distancing
• Replacement of traditional menus by the possibility of reading through QR Code and the existence of washable physical menus.
• All seats and tables are disinfected after each customer leaves.
• The breakfast service is supervised by an assistant who provides disposable gloves and service material to each guest for their use, discarded after each use


• Replacement of manual taps with electronic contactless taps
• Removal of all hot air hand dryers
• Placement of disposable paper towel dispensers for drying hands.


• Access to the gym is now on request and is limited to one person (or more people sharing the same room).
• Disinfectant wipes are available inside the gym.
• After using the gym, it is closed for cleaning and disinfection


• Redefinition of layouts and maximum capacities to guarantee the necessary social distance
• Placement of hand disinfection stations with alcohol gel in each room
• Existence of information to alert to the need to respect social distance, rules of respiratory etiquette and disinfection of hands.


• Redefined procedures for the delivery of goods to the Hotel by external entities, to comply with all the DGS rules to combat COVID-19 outbreak