About Clean & Safe Seal
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About Clean & Safe Seal

“Turismo de Portugal created the Clean & Safe stamp in 2020 with the objective of recognizing companies and leisure activities compliant with health safety recommendations issued by the National Tourist Authority, according to National Health Authority guidelines to avoid risks of contagion of covid-19.

In 2021, Turismo de Portugal established a partnership with Nova Medical School, to adapt the requirements of the Clean & Safe stamp to the current guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health, according to the current pandemic situation and the technical and scientific knowledge acquired regarding covid-19.


To create awareness within tourist agents of the need to adopt health and hygiene measures and procedures that ensure the safety of their employees and customers and stimulate the resumption of national and international tourism activity, reinforcing confidence in Portugal as a tourism destination.”


in: https://portugalcleanandsafe.com/en/stamp


Those who adhere to the Clean & Safe Seal are also entitled to use the visual identity of the European Tourism COVID-19 Safety Seal, created by the European Committee for Standardization in partnership with the European Union.